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You’re a Working Partner

At Dedicated Freight, we take your success very seriously. In today’s volatile business environment, competition is fierce. This reality is all the more reason to sharpen the pencil, but sometimes, shaving costs can impact quality. You may end up losing customers instead of gaining the profits you need to stay afloat.

- David de Moraes

Partner at Dedicated Freight Handlers

Warehousing Service

Industries served

  • The physical challenges of tire distribution can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Many of the nation’s top tire companies rely on us to help them reduce costs, revitalize cashflow, manage challenging supply chains, and deliver on our promise of optimized processes.

  • box

    Big box stores today face the same challenges as a retail enterprise but on a larger scale. Inventory visibility and supply chain transparency are the keys to success. We have the technology, experience, and insight to ensure a reliable and cost-effective result.

  • Moving food and beverage products through the supply chain is a constant challenge. To remain in compliance, the strictest quality control and quality assurance standards must be met. To support your traceability and visibility efforts, we deliver best-in-class expertise and reliable results.

  • The need to create a seamless omnichannel fulfillment experience is quickly changing the landscape of the retail industry. You need a partner that can support your initiative with real-time inventory visibility, flexibility, and the fastest response times in the freight industry.

Our Experience is

Your Advantage

We have experience in all areas

Dedicated Freight Handlers is your partner in success. We combine dedicated support and a can-do approach to everything we do, ensuring your policies and procedures are always top-of-mind. Working closely with you, our team brings ideas to the table that maximize efficiency and cost savings.

We help our customers by eliminating the cost of hiring, training, and employee turnover as well as hard costs like workers compensation, insurance, and payroll taxes. With a fixed price for our services, you can reduce your operating costs and gain some predictability. Knowing precisely what your logistics costs will be, you are free to build your company on your terms.

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Warehousing Solutions

Optimize Your Operations

Our ultimate goal is to deliver maximum productivity at a lower cost to you. As a 3PL provider, we have a unique ability to support the most rigorous and exacting demands and will tailor a flexible, scalable solution that meets your needs and your budget.

Unloading / Loading Forklift services Selecting Runners Sanitation Receiving Clerk Managers and Supervisors


unloading loading

Loading, unloading, sorting, segregating, palletizing, and shrink-wrapping to your exact specifications.

Forklift services

forklift services

Our forklift operators are fully certified and trained in safe forklift operation.



Efficiency with selecting orders in a warehouse and trained to operate motorized material handling equipment.



Our runners move product from docks to forklift drivers to cut down on travel time and clear the dock faster.



Our sanitation team provides full service cleaning of warehouses, office space and parking lots, utilizing various cleaning materials.

Receiving Clerk

receiving clerk

Trained in the latest technologies and procedures to ensure accuracy, safety, and compliance.

Managers and Supervisors


Accountable to your exacting standards, assuring all expectations are met or exceeded.

Our Proprietary Technology

Our Proprietary Technology

Today’s technology drives incredible efficiencies and simplifies operations in warehousing, distribution, and throughout the supply chain.

Our partners enjoy real-time visibility into their inventory and end-to-end transparency throughout the supply chain. Leveraging cloud computing, RFID, IoT, and Blockchain technologies, we support an omnichannel approach and help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Our Nationwide Network

Our Nationwide Network

You’re Not “Just” a Customer, You’re a Working PartnerWe like to say that our customers are not “just” customers; they are working partners in the effort to deliver excellence. We partner with you, bringing ideas to the table to support operational efficiency and identify new approaches that provide cost savings.

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