Cost-per-unit technology

Dedicated's web based technology can centralize and streamline the way you manage your warehouse, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

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Warehousing Technology and

Solutions to optimize your operations

We leverage data and technology to lower costs. If you require high levels of productivity and quality to support rigorous demand, DFH will partner with you to drive peak performance. From retailers to food manufacturers to distributors, we serve a wide range of customers that require high-touch service and technology.

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Warehousing Technology
Our Proprietary Technology

Our Proprietary Technology

Today’s technology drives incredible efficiencies and simplifies operations in warehousing, distribution, and throughout the supply chain.

Our partners enjoy real-time visibility into their inventory and end-to-end transparency throughout the supply chain. Leveraging cloud computing, RFID, IoT, and Blockchain technologies, we support an omnichannel approach and help you stay one step ahead of the competition.