Do What You Do Best and Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us

Our approach allows you to focus on your core business model instead of loading, unloading or performing any other indirect task needed to support operations. This frees up time for you to expand, improve, diversify, or grow your business, giving you the peace of mind of knowing your interests are well looked after.

For reliability, flexibility, and value, nationwide, choose Dedicated Freight. We would love to have you on board.

Partners in Your Success

Founded in 2017 by David de Moraes and Beau Burns, Dedicated Freight is a small, tight-knit company and a respected contender in the lumping space nationwide.

We serve our customers with quality loading and unloading, delivering top efficiency at competitive rates and giving back to our associates through a unique payout incentive program.

As owners, we are hands-on every single day because we understand how vital our services are to your livelihood. Our mandate is to provide you with cost savings, managed labor, and performance-based programs that reduce unnecessary labor spending and help you maintain a competitive edge.
Partners in Your Success
Unmatched Customer Service and Value

Unmatched Customer Service and Value

We are 100 percent dedicated to helping our clients deliver top-notch customer service, and we are always looking for ways to make that experience even better. The personal relationships we have built over the years stand as a testament to our commitment to quality, transparency, and cost-effective solutions that they can count on as they grow.

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Our Nationwide Network

Our Nationwide Network

You’re Not “Just” a Customer, You’re a Working PartnerWe like to say that our customers are not “just” customers; they are working partners in the effort to deliver excellence. We partner with you, bringing ideas to the table to support operational efficiency and identify new approaches that provide cost savings.

Our team of experts

Providing hands-on service management from the top down, Beau, Chuck, and David have been in the industry for more than a decade. With a combined 60 years of experience, they bring a storied track record of turning monumental problems into a smooth-running facility, time and time again.

David de Moraes

David de Moraes


David is an international member of the team at Dedicated Freight. He was born in Brazil and raised in Boca Raton, Florida where his family moved and settled. He currently lives in Murrieta, California with his wife and their two children.

When not working, David tries to spend as much time as possible with his family. They will explore new restaurants and travel when possible. A recent trip to Sedona, Arizona left quite an impression and the family will likely try to get back there again for another holiday.

David enjoys giving back and is interested in setting up a non-profit society that would assist children with life-changing illnesses as well as funding child literacy. His family is currently actively involved in supporting the rehabilitation of the Santa Rosa Plateau.

David has 25 years of experience in the logistics and service industry dating back to when he was still in high school. At the time, he assisted with the family business and it was through exposure gained in that experience where he chose to pursue logistics and service as a career.

Following high school, he studied Audio Engineering at Full Sail University but his interest in warehousing and logistics pulled him back into that industry. In the early 2000’s he launched his own moving and transportation business and helped it to grow steadily over the years.

As the housing market dipped David decided to move into the logistics and warehousing industry and took work with an import and retail furniture company in Van Nuys, California. It was working there when he determined that his passion was within the logistics and warehousing industry.

By the end of that decade, David started working for several different lumper services and developed strong relationships with the associates he worked with along with customers. His no-excuses attitude helped pave the way for success at any company he worked for.

David believes in getting involved and sometimes that requires getting your hands dirty and spending insurmountable amounts of time building relationships with co-workers and customers. For David, it also meant cleaning up accounts and streamlining the operational process.

With a strong commitment to the business, David earned the trust of many of his associates and customers. It is through those personal connections that new opportunities came his way. The biggest was in 2017 alongside a trusted business partner, Beau Burns.

The loading and unloading service, known now as Dedicated Freight, put David into a slightly different position shifting from working for a business to owning that business. However, hard work and dedication to providing the best customer service possible, has grown the business.

David has never let up on his commitment to those he services and continues to work hard in every possible way. It means working with each customer and growing that business based on the trust that comes from those customers. David is successful because of that dedication.

Chuck Leaver

Beau Burns

Vice President

Beau was born and raised in Houston, Texas. His post-secondary school education ended when he graduated with a BBA at the University of Memphis. He also had a minor in Production Operations Management at the time of graduation in Tennessee.

As a young boy, and a young man, Beau was very active in sports. He even played into adulthood and currently has shifted from playing sports to watching it whenever he can. In addition to this, Beau coaches, plays golf and travels but mostly enjoys spending time with his wife and 5 children.

Early in his adult life, Beau had wanted to become a commercial airline pilot. He is a licensed pilot and when the opportunity presents itself, he will fly privately and enjoys that immensely. The discipline required and preparation needed to be a pilot has served him well.

Combined with being raised with an entrepreneurial background, Beau demonstrates qualities that are shared in successful business owners, leaders, and mentors. His extensive years of experience in the entrepreneurial field prepared him greatly for his adult life.

Growing up, Beau’s family owned and operated a small furniture business. He also branched out on his own and launched a small residential construction company with his own family. The dedication to hard work that brings success was nothing new to him whatsoever.

Although Beau has been involved in several different fields of interest over the past 33 years, all of his working positions included elements of customer service and management. In the past 20 years, he has been a warehouse manager and a regional manager for numerous companies.

Beau’s most recent step into management also includes ownership with his partner David de Moraes who co-own Dedicated Freight. In his years of management, Beau has worked inside of and assisted several Fortune 500 companies in streamlining their freight deliveries.

Plus, Beau’s warehouse experience crosses the entire spectrum ranging from groceries to retail and from cross-docks and manufacturing to tires. He has amassed an incredible amount of knowledge on efficiency, productivity and working under tight deadlines.

The drive to establish Dedicated Freight came from frustration that Beau and David felt that customers were not receiving the best possible one-on-one attention they deserved. They also noted that some business associates were being overlooked. They knew it had to change.

Beau says it is very important in this industry to take care of the associates on the floor who shoulder the bulk of the day-to-day work. They are the ones who make the company what it is and the focus on taking care of everyone connected to a job led to the company mission.

The mission at Dedicated Freight is to be different than most companies and to not just take care of upper management. By intentionally keeping upper management at a lower level, the pay structure for associates can be maximized which keeps their company successful.

Beau Burns

Chuck Leaver

Director of Operations

Chuck was born in Rhode Island and grew up in a Navy family. It is because of that he moved around a fair deal living in California, Alabama and he was able to complete his schooling in Virginia Beach where the family finally settled.

Being a sports nut, Chuck has played football at all competitive levels from Pop Warner to Semi-Pro over the past 30 years and only recently retired. His last game was in the new Minnesota Vikings Stadium. He also enjoys traveling, golfing and spending time with his wife.

To say that he works hard and plays hard would be an understatement. Chuck is driven to perform and is the guy you would think of when saying someone has an attention to detail and also goes that extra mile. He gets his satisfaction from his work and play.

Chuck’s original plan was to follow in his father’s footsteps and either join the Navy or to become a professional football player. An injury early in his life brought both his military and college careers to a screeching halt. He turned to the customer service industry.

Each job Chuck has had since his first one in high school has been connected to that industry. He has worked his way from entry-level associate all the way to management positions. Chuck has over 20 years of warehouse experience, 15 in management roles.

It is from this dedication to providing the best possible service to his clients and a commitment to getting the job done right – the first time – that has led Chuck into these roles. He is a born leader and relies on his Navy and football training for this discipline.

As a leader, Chuck believes all consumers in the warehouse, whether they are customers or associates, should receive the attention and guidance that they require to assist them in maximizing their growth in business. He puts a great deal of effort into this philosophy.

Chuck is typically the guy you see on the docks connecting with associates. He strives to get to know the people he is working with believing that this leads to better communication and improved relations from all levels. He seeks to make connections on a personal level.

He does this by conducting team meetings for the supervisory team and works closely with his ownership group along with his customer’s ownership/management teams. Chuck knows his stuff and is a likable, trustworthy and brilliant industry leader.

The name Dedicated Freight speaks to the commitment that Chuck brings to each day he is on the job. For a working partner who can handle any situation and direct it to produce positive outcomes, you can turn to Chuck and his team at Dedicated Freight.